Two brothers sharing good vibes & eco-friendly, organic, everyday essentials.

cinagrO Bros Organic Brothers

Hello, we are two brothers who have been travelling around the world, had a chance to see and meet plenty of different people from Scandinavia to Australia.


With our Brand we represent and want to share good vibes, eco friendly environment, and friendly community with a good taste of fun.

Short story first. We always wanted to have eco friendly clothes, with a good quality material, and ofcourse with a good taste of laugh and coffee with a friends. All materials  made from organic cotton, hemp , bamboo. They are good when you are dancing, or exploring or just chilling with your friends. Organic materials, absorbs your sweating, keep you fresh longer and your smell always,  sweet like coffee ! So, welcome on board with us, stay fresh and smelly and ofcourse save environment and your Bro! looking forward to see you here again!

Our Values

We use only non toxic, Eco friendly inks and fair trade garments for clothing. Our coffee comes from eco farms and all coffee beans are hand picked. T- shirts and face masks are printed on demand to avoid waste and assure sustainability. After placing and order, our partners print the design on a same day, and on a next day it’s ready to ship . Our inks and fabrics will last for years through your adventures. We promise, to be better and more sustainable everyday! So encourage others to do the same.

Our Promise

Our strong relation from childhood and also travelling in nature, inspired us to take care of the planet more, thinking about everyday useable things. We believe that everything starts with the small things. And that's why our main 3 products like coffee, masks and organic T-shirts helps and we believe gathers people to start from small and proud about themselves, on a path to bigger changes. It's like a chain reaction. And we believe of making a better impact on our community and friends, we do a better impact on our mother nature-earth. Drinking good taste coffee prevent you for a better mood and day, organic t-shirt on the environment, mask- for the health all of us. So stay together, stay positive and be friendly!


I have always been curious about our planet earth. Since childhood watching documentaries about animals, trees, rivers, cultures. Last few years was crucial – lived in Norway, where they really give a damn about planet earth - helping people to get electric cars, using more and more renewable energy and keeping their country clean. After i have lived in Australia, where coral reefs dying, bushfires all over country, and no infrastructure for electric cars. So i started to dig in deeper, about planet earth. And I found that one of the biggest pollutant is animal farming as well as textile industry and others. Clothing garments mostly made in process which uses a lot of chemicals.  So me and my brother decided to support farmers who grows organically, and use garments with no chemicals.


Hello my name is Marius! Older brother of this 2 person team. Have been living in Norway pretty sustainable and healthy lifestyle, hiking, doing buggy jumping, skiing and other stuff around here. There is no bad weather only bad clothes, this is what i learned from locals :). Happy to make, cleaner environment and  happy ppl around with our eco friendly shop! Always open for some chat or conversation with You guys :)

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