First things first —can you please read Cinagro backwards? Yes, thank you, now you know where weare coming from, so let’s talk green! Founded by us, two brothers, Cinagro Brosis a brand blissfully connecting environmental ethics with art. All the cosyproducts you will find here on our web are ethically made of organic cotton andhemp while the designs on them are created by talented artists around theworld, each representing the beautiful nature or the environmental issues of theircountries.


United by the mission organic, we invite you to join up, take care of yourself and yourfeel-good vibes, to explore, dance, chill or do what makes you clap your handswith happiness — all with knowing that the planet Earth has your back when youhave hers!

Our Values

We use only ethically made garments and non-toxic, eco-friendly inks for our clothing. The fabrics and inks are high-quality to ensure strength and durability when wearing them even if you are an adventurer with a capital A. Our T-shirts and face masks are printed on demand to avoid textile waste. After placing an order, our partners print the design on the same day and the next day, it’s ready to ship.

 We are collaborating with artists from all over the world who care about the environment as much as we do to help us make sustainable clothing look more authentic.


At Cinagro Bros we are still constantly improving our processes and considering ways to be even better, move even further.

Our Promise

We believe that everything starts with the small things, just like our affection for the environment and the urge to take care of it started simply when travelling in nature.

Cinagro Bros is here to become a part of your lifestyle making you feel nice and cosy while doing your daily duties or rare activities, and for inspiring you to discover a unique relationship with nature.

The road we have taken leads to bigger changes and we hope for you to be empowered to the point you can’t help but jump on it too!


Me and my big brother have been curious about our planet Earth since childhood when walking around in nature or watching programs telling stories about its living organisms. Several years later I was able to see all of those wonders in real life — I started travelling around the world living in different countries and discovering that some of them are taking major steps towards greener living. As an admirer of our beautiful environment, I was inspired by their passion and efforts to protect it. I started digging deeper, which allowed me to find out that one of the biggest pollutants in the world is textile industry. All stunned and upset, I was talking to my brother about it a lot, and suddenly the idea to take action was born. We called that action Cinagro Bros.


So, I am that big brother and one of the thinker uppers of Cinagro Bros. Me and Dainius have always had similar lifestyles that involved a good dose of nature. Whether in childhood or later in life, both of us were constantly on the same page. As he went travelling around the world, I decided to settle in Norway, where I created a healthy and sustainable routine for myself. From hiking to bungee jumping, from skiing to wakeboarding — I have been on my own adventures living the outdoor life to its fullest. Although my love for nature had developed a while ago, I noticed it getting even stronger with time after discovering more and more issues it faces. There had to be a point where me and my eco-friendly brother had to turn our concerns into a real deal, so here we are.

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