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Our mission is to make more sustainable fashion and environment as much as we can! We want to prove that ecological future starts here with everyday work, getting better everyday. Sustainable fashion should be new normal. Also, we want to prove that sustainable and eco-firndly fashion can be good looking, fashionable, wearing everyday as well saving water, our nature and our neighborhood. We are using biodegradable packages for all our products. This was one of our main goals. Everybody knows about our oceans, and plastic. We have to be aware of the most, because a lot of species and animals dying in the seas, and oceans from our plastic waste!. So, we hope we going to be small part, that helps to prevent better future in our beloved mother earth.



Did you know that non-organic cotton is harmful to the people who make it, pollutes the environment around us, and destroys wildlife? Due to the harsh chemicals being used in the production of regular cotton, the factory workers who breathe in their fumes in are being poisoned and killed in their thousands. To make matters worse, the chemical residue from these facilities is also having a catastrophic effects on the surrounding wildlife too, with millions of fish and birds perishing annually.

By opting for organic cotton, we can ensure that our clothing is ethical and responsible. Cinagro clothing is made without the harsh chemicals (no fertilisers or pesticides) and uses less water during production too.

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